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Since participate into the construction of National Customs Bonded Logistics Park in 2006, Kejie has already provided more than 500 sets of automobile truck scale to customs supervision bonded logistics park, which was praised by both customs supervision departments and owners of the bonded park.
Fuzhou Export Processing Zone Chinese Western Railway Logistics Center Bonded Logistics Park
Fuqing Export Processing Zone Kuming Export Processing Zone
Jiangyin Bonded Logistics Park Kunming Huate Logistics
Nanning Friendship Customs Bonded Logistics Park Yunnan Dehong Wanding Port
Guangzhou Comprehensive Bonded Area 1 Yunan Zhangfeng Port Jiangxi
Guangzhou Comprehensive Bonded Area 2 Nanchang Comprehensive Bonded Area
Wuhan Comprehensive Bonded Area Yuyi Mountain Airport Logistics
Hangzhou Comprehensive Bonded Area Henan Zhengzhou Xinzheng Comprehensive Bonded Area
Chongqing LiangLu CunTan Free Trade Port Area  

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